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20  years of freelance production including Feature Film, Television, Documentary Film , Short Film, Music Videos and Commercial production

  • Experience with many camera systems including ARRI, SONY, RED, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN and 16mm film

  • Color Grading and Post Production: Davinci Resolve Studio / FCP

  • Published still photographer 





Director of Photography / Producer - “Anonymous 616” 2017 - Directed by Mike Boss

B-camera Operator - “Cabin Fever” 2014 - Directed by Travis Zariwny

Additional First Unit Director of Photography - “Intruder” 2014 - Directed by Travis Zariwny

Cinematographer – “Devils of War” 2012 (A.K.A. “101st: A-Company”) 2012 - Directed by Eli Dorsey



Director, Cinematographer and Editor - "PlantPop: A series of horticultural films featuring plant inspired artists, plant experts and enthusiasts" - 2019 - 2022

Cinematographer - “Red, White and Black: An Oregon Wine Story” 2015 Directed by Jerry Bell

Cameraman, Portland Crew - “Heavily Meditated” 2014 - 2015 - Directed by Sarah Barab

Cinematographer – “Multiracial Identity” 2009 - Directed by Brain Chinhema

Director, Videographer, and Editor – “School of Autism” 2008 

Producer, Editor, and Videographer – “Maypole 2005” - Directed by Mike Freze

Videographer and Assistant Editor – “The Unwelcome Soldier: Life After Vietnam” 2003 - Directed by Ryan Nicoles

Director, Editor and Videographer - “From the Big Sky to the Big Apple” Narrated by Peter Fonda 2002



Director of Photography - "Rejected" 2023 - Directed by Rene Rivas

Director of Photography - "Siege of the Werewolf" 2021 - Directed by Paul Dees

Director of Photography - “ZAP!” 2020 - Directed by Philip Sedgwick

Director of Photography - “Reflection” 2019 - Directed by Grisel Wilson

Director of Photography - “ADAM” 2015 - Directed by Peter Fuhrman

Director of Photography - “Angelaʼs Sacred Heart” 2015 - Directed by Jerry Bell

Director of Photography - “1942” 2014 - Directed by Sarah Ligatich

Director of Photography - “Shouting Mountain” 2013 - Directed by Sarah Ligatich

Director of Photography - “Agony” 2013 - Directed by Dave Owen

Director of Photography - “The Day They Ran Out of Bullets” 2012 - Directed by David Walker

Director of Photography - 'The Field' 2003 - Directed by Eli Dorsey


Montana PBS Studio Camera Operator - 2002 (volunteer)

Producer, Videographer, Post Production Supervisor - “Backstage Pass” 2005 - 2006

30-minute nationally syndicated entertainment program; shot and edited over 30 episodes

Videographer, Editor - “Author’s On Location” 2006-2007 Pilot episode / Literary travel show


Cinematographer - “BedMart” 2013, 2014

Director, Videographer, Editor - “Pediatric Urgent Care” 2009


Cinematographer - “Indian Coconut Man” 2013 - Coolie Mac

Cinematographer - “Carib Coolie Star” 2013 - Coolie Mac

Cinematographer - “I Speak, I Move On” 2012 - Marvin Glover


client: Cinemaways Productions with Tyler Condon, Producer

client: TEDx with Allyson Roberts, Producer

client: Gravity.Video with Tommy Tranfaglia, Producer

client: Australian Broadcasting Corporation with Mary Tran, Producer

client: Intuitive Pictures and Jeremy Xido, Director

client: High Mountain Journeys with Annemaria Allen, Pamela Lusk and Nicole McLeod, Producers

client: PlantPop with Laura Christian and Art Parkerson, Producers

client: The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics  with Mega R. Mease, Producer

client: Brave New Films with Casey Cooper Johnson, Producer

client: Itziar Barrio

client: Jen Miramontes and Cancer Champion Fitness & JenMFit

client: Inspired Living with Keri Murphy 

client: Photoshop Cafe / Lensbaby

client: Portland City Grill

client: Henryʼs 12th St. Tavern

client: A Healthier Better You – DVD series

client: Carus Sings the Blues – Live Event

client: New Paradise Worship Center

client: Team People / Intel PSO Open Forum Live Web Cast

client: “LifeHouse” 1171 Productions, Los Angeles

client: The Family Channel client: CSI Sports

client: Geyserland 

client: Montana State University Sports Facilities Camera Operator / Switchboard Director




Bachelors of Art in Film and Media, Montana State University (2004) 


Filmmakers Academy - Career and skill building for the craft of Cinematography 

Freelance Colorist Masterclass - Career and skill building for the craft of Color Grading

Glidecam Instructor Course – Alan Gordon Enterprises, Los Angeles (2009)

Advanced Camera and Lighting Workshop at Rockport College - Certification of completion (2006) 

The Portland Film Actor's Studio with Randall Paul - Head Cinematographer (2012-2013)


Winner of Best Cinematography for the PlantPop film, Patagonia Flower Farm (2022)

Winner of Best Cinematography for Documentary film Red, White and Black: An Oregon Wine Story  (2018)

Hollywood Dreamz II 


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