Peter's interest in film began like most, it started with watching movies. This fascination with movie magic eventually lead to film school where Peter discovered a passion for cinematography. Here he began shooting projects on 16mm film and honing his lighting skills.


While Cinematography is Peter's foremost passion, he does not like the idea of being bound to specialization. Storytelling is, and always will be, at the core of his creative work.

Peter is an award winning cinematographer and published still photographer. He has a B.A. in Media and Theater Arts with an emphasis in film production. When Peter isn't filming he is out

enjoying nature. 

Peter & Kara Fuhrman




Red, White and Black: The Oregon Wine Story

Hollywood Dreamz II

Film and Video Awards

"When you find something that turns up all the dials to 11, you know you have found passion. When this passion collides with a greater purpose, you know you have created FLOW.

There is no greater feeling than collaborating for the love of the process, especially when the end product has its own life and power to influence others in a positive way."  - Peter Fuhrman


"Having Peter as a DP for our recent shoot was a total pleasure. His camera work was superb. His friendly and helpful demeanor made the film subjects feel comfortable and supported. And his knowledge of Tucson and the region meant that for every setting we needed, he had great locations in mind. Going to shoot in a new city is always challenging and ripe with potential pitfall. Working with Peter made the whole process feel effortless."

Casey Cooper Johnson - Producer/Director

"Having Peter attached to a project brings an instant sigh of relief. You can be sure he'll over deliver with his work ethic, produce a polished project with his expertise, and perhaps most importantly, show up with a positive attitude in meetings and on set. "

Shelley Dennis Writer/Producer

"Throughout the course of production Peter was a joy to work alongside. His attention to detail and elevated aesthetic were invaluable to the direction of the picture. He handled all situations with the utmost professionalism and we were fortunate to have him on board."

Louise Linton - CEO Dune Entertainment /CEO Stormchaser Films

"It has been an absolute honor to work with Peter Fuhrman. His level of professionalism, excellent attitude and his aptitude in interpreting the director’s vision is a delight. The nickname “Peaceful Eagle” suits him perfectly."

Grísel WilsonDirector/Actor

"It was a pleasure to work with Peter. I was very impressed by his resourcefulness and commitment. His professionalism, hard working ethic, and great attitude made our long days a success. We were very lucky to have him as a DP on our shoot."

Tina Sutakanat - Producer, "Intruder"

"Peter is professional, reliable, creative, and goes above and beyond. I’ve worked with him on many projects in my business Outrageous Freedom from editing to creating magic on film. Peter uses lighting and sound in unique ways and has the ability to turn a living room into a studio in a matter of minutes by carefully studying it. I highly recommend Peter’s work and his integrity."

Allyson Roberts - Founder of Outrageous Freedom

"I have had the pleasure of working with Peter on a few shoots where he filmed and edited the content. He is extremely professional, reliable and a true joy to work with! Peter is a great extension of the Inspired Living team when we work on projects together. I can not recommend him or his quality of work enough."

Keri MurphyTV Host, Speaker & CEO Inspired Living

"Whether he's shooting, editing or producing, Peter really knows his stuff! He always has a great attitude and never settles for mediocre work. He works well with others, but can step up as a leader too."

Courtney PernaTelevision Host, Journalist and Producer 



"Peter is very accommodating and knows his craft extremely well. He was willing to explore options and had some great creative input to this video project. I felt right at home working with him. He's very caring and has excellent interpersonal skills."

Ellen Whyte -  Singer/Songwriter 

[m] 971-275-6264

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